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Indivisible (Switch)

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 19 - 2020

All of those characters in your head can now travel with you.

Launching late last year, Lab Zero Games’ Indivisible proved to be very popular, with its widely varied collection of strange characters, fast, enjoyable combat and plentiful platforming. However, before the game could come to the Nintendo Switch, it would need to be ported, which obviously takes time. Interestingly, it didn’t appear to take as much time as the developers expected, launching just recently on the Nintendo eShop without them being aware. Still, for fans of the game this was no bad thing, as it finally meant that Indivisible was playable on the go with the Switch’s handheld mode. The version released on Switch may not have been the most up to date, and may be missing a few features, but still proves to be great fun.


In Indivisible, the player takes on the role of Ajna, a young girl who seems to be living quite the idyllic life. That is, until evil forces come to her village, burn it all to the ground, and murder her father. This is especially gutting because Ajna’s father didn’t even get the chance to reveal the mysteries of her background. Still, with vengeance against the force that shattered her life in mind, Ajna quickly discovers that she is no ordinary girl. While fighting against the leader of the force that attacked her village, Ajna somehow manages to absorb the soldier into her head. Yeah, it’s a little weird.

This ability to absorb other characters into her head is the main trick to the game, as Ajna is then able to release them to fight alongside her during any combat encounters. It’s a brilliant way of dealing with the idea of an ever-growing roster of playable characters, allowing the player to field only four at a time, including Ajna, and therefore play around with team composition. But more on that in a moment. While the story of the young girl with a mysterious past on a journey of revenge may not be especially unusual, the real story here comes from the varied selection of different characters. As they are absorbed into Ajna’s head, they continue to have their own conversations and reveal their own backstories. This is made far more interesting by the different personalities of these characters, all of which are brilliantly written and so incredibly varied. Not all of the characters are likeable, but each and every one is interesting, so while the story may not inspire, the characters will keep the player interested throughout.


When it comes to the combat, Lab Zero Games have put a great system in place that moves quickly but allows for some tactical thinking. The player is only able to field a team of four in a combat encounter, and the characters appear on screen in a diamond formation. This matches to the face buttons as each character has their own button that must be pressed to perform an action. Pressing different directions at the same time will give access to further moves they can perform, and as the characters each come with their own powers and abilities, that leads to a lot of experimentation. Gauges throw some limitations as to when the characters can attack, and blocking is another aspect to take into consideration, which becomes especially important as the difficulty ramps up, but matching moves together will allow the player to perform some pretty impressive combos that, if timed correctly, will keep the enemy from being able to land any attack. It really is a good system, but it takes a little while to get used to the timing and lengths of the attack animations in order to get the most from.

Outside of combat, Ajna will be travelling this rich and colourful world as a 2D platformer. There is a fair Metroidvania feel to the exploration, as aside from the usual jumping and sliding, Ajna will need to unlock new abilities in order to reach some areas of the world. These abilities slowly unlock as the player progresses, and will inevitably lead to some backtracking to reach new areas. The abilities include the likes of smashing through walls with an axe, activating switches with a bow, or even pogoing on a spear. The platforming aspects of the game are well done and quite enjoyable, but certainly take second place to the excellent combat.

Anyone who has watched a trailer for the game will already know just how good it looks, and it doesn’t disappoint on the Switch. While the docked mode looks nice, it really shines on the smaller Switch screen when out and about. The hand drawn characters are a delight and move with amazing smoothness, while the 2D backgrounds have incredible depth and variety. Even the soundtrack and voice acting is top notch, ensuring Indivisible is the full package.


Indivisible on Switch may have arrived out of the blue, but at least Switch players can now enjoy this brilliant game. The brilliant visuals, enjoyable gameplay, and cast of great characters have made the move onto the Switch without any problems, and Indivisible here is as good to play as on the other platforms. A charming combination of genres, Indivisible is highly recommended.




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