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Moving Out

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 5 - 2020

Moving out while we are not moving anywhere.

There is something quite ironic when playing a game about moving house at a point in time when many people are not even allowed to leave their own house. It is also quite comical that SMG Studio have released a game that revolves around one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life. However, taking into account that Moving Out is published by Team17, who just happen to be behind the highly enjoyable, and annoying, Overcooked, and maybe the couch co-op action of Moving Out will be just what the doctor ordered for a lockdown family.


Or, it could be the spark that brings about Armageddon. Moving Out is one of those co-op games that can be brilliant fun, until that family member does something stupidly wrong. Then, relationships can be destroyed. Okay, maybe that is a bit extreme, but anyone who has spent time playing Overcooked will have a rough idea of what to expect and where the game can go.

Moving Out is, unsurprisingly, about moving house, and the player and companions will be playing as the obviously inept removal company, charged with getting all of the customers furnishings and belongings into the van so they can move. Enter chaotic, physics-based fun.

The controls are easy to get to grips with, as the player will be able to move their little character around the top-down view with ease, jumping over obstacles and picking things up as they go along. The smaller objects are easy enough to grab and rush to the van, or throw through a window if the player desires. Time is of the essence, rather than any concern for the objects or the surroundings. However, there can also be fragile items to move, and they will take a little more care for those wanting the higher rankings.

The real fun comes when it is time to move the larger objects. These can be awkward to move safely, often leading to wondering how they got in the property in the first place. They will also often need more than one person working together in order to move them, which will lead to the chaos this type of game is known for. smashing through walls, knocking pictures onto the floor and damaging other furniture, get those objects out as quickly as possible.


Of course, reality has never stood in the way of couch co-op fun, and the players will have a nice selection of different settings to work through. The most obvious may be the houses, with tight corners to negotiate that double bed around. But it doesn’t take long for things to start getting a little more odd, as the player finds themselves herding farm animals on a farm, or avoiding certain death, in family friendly fashion, in a factory. The quirkiness goes on from there, giving players plenty of different challenging locations to simply move furniture.

There is plenty here for players who are stuck together to enjoy. The levels often mix things up with different obstacles that the players will have to overcome, and there are all manner of bonus challenges to work towards for the more focussed players. There are different modes, including a story mode that works well in solo, and there are all manner of collectibles and fun little secrets to find along the way. However, Moving Out’s real joy comes from the impressive accessibility options, meaning that the game really is suitable for absolutely anyone, including those who have never held a controller before. The developers really wanted to ensure that Moving Out could be enjoyed by the whole family, and so options to make the game easier, or even more readable, are there to help everyone have a good time, or at least argue for the right reasons.

Moving Out has a wonderfully happy atmosphere, with bright visuals and plenty of silly humour throughout. Everything is easy to see and players will be able to unlock a nice variety of cute characters to play with as they progress. There are pop culture references to smile at for those in the know, and visual humour to keep the party laughing.

Compared to other games of this genre, Moving Out is perhaps a little easier than most. The accessibility options go a long way to making it more playable to novice gamers, but the experienced players will find less challenge here. Also, there is much less emphasis on having to work with other players, leaving the chaos to come more from the environment and less from an inept co-op partner.


There is always fun to be had with couch co-op games, and Moving Out is right up there with the best. More aimed at the younger, less gamer audience, players will not find the high challenge of certain other games here, but that doesn’t mean it is any less enjoyable. Moving furniture is far more entertaining than it has any right to be, and playing with friends is a riot. Couch co-op fans will find a new reason to shout at the person next to them, while having an absolute blast.




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