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Main Assembly (Early Access)

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 15 - 2020

Create the vehicle of your dreams and then discover it drives like your worst nightmare.

While most games will provide the player with a world and a variety of things that the player can do within that world, usually following a story, there are some titles that will just give the player a sandbox and a selection of tools, leaving the player to create their own fun. Games like Minecraft or the more recent Dreams allow the user to exercise their imaginations, while more focussed games like Kerbal Space Program give the player the tools to achieve their goals, and then leave it entirely up to them how they do that. Bad Yolk Games’ Main Assembly, which is being published by Team17 and is now available in Steam Early Access, puts the player in control of a cute drone and then gives them all the tools they need to create all manner of vehicles to complete challenges. For creators, the only limit is their imagination.


The world in which Main Assembly is set oozes with charm. Firstly, there is the cute drone that the player controls, complete with expressive digital face, and the robotic voice that accompanies the player through the game. Then there is the world itself, which is bright and colourful, and packed with character, making it very inviting. Finally, there are the physics in the game. Now this will probably be somewhat polarising, but at this point the physics are more cartoony and floaty than realistic and will often cause issues for whatever vehicle the player creates, especially when the user is trying to be precise. The results are often comical though, so hopefully any frustration will be kept at bay. There is a great sense of fun about the game, concealing what is an incredibly complex set of tools for players to tinker with.

Tutorials will take the player through the basics, but while the player may start out by simply designing, and fixing, car-like vehicles, the possibilities really are endless. Wheels, propellers, wings, legs, the player can have their vehicle move in whatever manner they want, but those physics rules are still in play so that will need to be taken into account, and the player will still need to be able to control their vehicle once it is built. Mind you, if it doesn’t work as expected, simply go back in a tweak it. Main Assembly does a good job of slowly introducing the player to the complexities of creating or fixing vehicles, but with tools that can modify almost every aspect, it can be easy to go awry. Programming adds an extra level of control to the vehicles, and will let players go really deep into the capabilities of their construction, or at least stop them from falling over.


While the player will unlock a variety of different parts in order to create their vehicles, creating something truly unique comes from the very capable editing tool. This allows the player to push and pull at panels to make different shapes, and is very easy to use. Different materials can change to properties of the panels, which will also have an effect on the physics. It can be a little easy to lose control of the tool and end up with some really strange shapes, but there is nothing that can’t be undone.

When it comes to what to do with their creation, most users will be happy to just make something that can move without exploding or crashing. However, there are challenges to complete, such as building to a specific design, or driving into dummies around the world, and stars to collect, many of which are hidden behind certain actions. There is also the option of co-op play, giving rise to a little competition as users come together to test out their creations, or the possibility of robot battles in the future.

Main Assembly is in Early Access at the moment, and so comes with certain expectations. Despite the game being in an unfinished state, it runs really well. Given the creative nature of the game, there are already plenty of tools available for users to build and create with little limitations, but I am sure that there will be more to come in the near future. With the community being able to share their creations, the extent of what is capable in Main Assembly will undoubtedly grow with time.


Main Assembly is a creation sandbox game revolving around building and controlling vehicles, and creative players will find the most to enjoy here. With a sturdy physics engine, loads of options and an upbeat atmosphere, Main Assembly looks like it will have it all. Come back in a year or so and see just how much the game has grown. However, for those creative types wanting to build and then jump on the bandwagon right now, Main Assembly is available on Steam Early Access and is one to watch.


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