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The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 23 - 2020

It’s like I never left, or perhaps I haven’t arrived yet.

The Elder Scrolls Online, the MMORPG based around Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls games, seems to have gone from strength to strength. When it first launched, I was unsure how well the game would do. But now, some years later, the game has flourished into a fantasy world that is well worth a visit. Part of this growth is surely due to the gradual improvements that have come over the years, but the other part is down to the excellent expansion packs that continually expand the world and add new features. While I have not been back to Tamriel for some time, passing up the chance to explore Western Skyrim in the latest expansion, Greymoor, would have been madness.


Set some time before The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Greymoor treats the player to familiar locations and so much more. From the impressive city of Solitude to the Dragon Bridge, there will be a lot here for Skyrim players to recognise and be able to explore. Obviously, given the nature of the game, there is a huge amount of ground to cover in Greymoor and players will be find it easy to get lost in the cold wilderness as they move from one location to another, and that is without even heading to the massive underground world that is part of Western Skyrim.

Solitude is the star of the show with so much packed into this foreboding fantasy city, and while there is more than enough reason to head out into the wilderness, chasing one quest after another, players will find themselves coming back to Solitude and discovering something new time and again. While there are the usual multitude of side quests for players to pick up, both in Solitude and all the other locations in this expansion, the main storyline for Greymoor centres around the city.

It’s not that I can’t see the appeal of finding a missing crew member or looking for a lost supply caravan, the the main appeal for me has always been the main storylines. For Greymoor, expect a somewhat familiar tale of witches, vampires, magical storms and an ancient army coming back from the dead. MMO’s are notorious for sidetracking players, and I am easily sidetracked. One minute, my hero is heading towards a temple for one reason or another, and the next I am looking for some rare plant. The main storyline does a great job of focussing the player and giving them a reason to play one more mission before heading to bed. Greymoor’s storyline is fairly lengthy for an MMO expansion and will see the player having to team up with friends old and new as they battle to halt this growing threat against Western Skyrim. The story is not really anything new, but it is an enjoyable romp that will get any new players invested in the world without too much trouble. The individual quests will see the player travelling all over this new region of Tamriel, from the snowy marshlands to the massive underground world that is bathed in the glow from mushrooms.


Outside of the main storyline, the player will find ample other things to do, as is the way in MMORPGs. Players will pick up side missions as they explore the region, and these vary wildly in interest. From the various guild missions, and those picked up from some random person at the side of a road, to hunting for craft materials, lore books, or even legendary musical instruments, the players journal will quickly be overflowing with ongoing tasks. It can be overwhelming, but anyone who has been playing ESO for a while will be used to it.

So, a wonderful new area to explore, an epic main storyline and loads of other distractions. For an expansion, that is pretty normal. But what else does Greymoor bring to the MMO table?


Harrowstorms are a major part of the main storyline. These magical storms make the air red and turn people into ravaging monsters. Some of them may be small and easy to deal with, just a matter of destroying some witch spires. However, the larger Harrowstorms are community events and will take the co–operation of many heroes to take down and then share in the spoils. There are plenty of other multiplayer distractions for groups to get involved in, and bloodsuckers will be pleased to hear that the vampire skills have been improved.

However, the most involved addition gives the player a chance to become archaeologists. The Antiquities activity starts with the player having to find a lead on a potential treasure. They can then use a special scrying tool, complete with little mini game, to try and find the location of this treasure. Following this, the player will head to the dig site and get their trowel and brush out for another mini game, hopefully uncovering some rare item that can be sold for additional gold. It’s a nice little side activity that will have the player hunting treasure all across Tamriel.

For the ongoing ESO fans, Greymoor will just be the next instalment in an adventure that has lasted for years already. However, for new and returning players, what could be more enticing than Skyrim? As someone who has returned after a break, I found there were still some frustrations, such as the overwhelming number of missions and the unhelpful map. But the game felt easier to get into and more compelling, thanks in part to the great Western Skyrim setting and main storyline. Despite the aged engine running the visuals, Western Skyrim looks really nice and the game runs smoothly. There were a couple of crashes on Xbox One, but this is to be expected in the early days of any additional content. Nothing was lost, apart from some time, so it is not really a big deal.


The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG that has stood the test of time and is still going strong. The latest expansion, Greymoor, further expands the game world and adds some new features for the long time players, while also offers a welcoming new setting for any new or returning players. With more to come as part of the year-long Dark Heart of Skyrim event, now is a very good time to visit Tamriel.




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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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