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The Waylanders (Early Access)

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 26 - 2020

KickStarted, Celtic, party-based RPG goodness.

A couple of years after first being announced, Gato Salvaje Studio’s The Waylanders has travelled through KickStarter to find itself available on Steam Early Access. It is obviously early days for the RPG inspired by games such as Dragon Age: Origins, but even jumping in right now on Early Access, it is easy to see that The Waylanders has the potential to be something special.


After the initial announcement and the following KickStarter, there was a lengthy period of silence from the developers at Gato Salvaje Studio as they got down to work. Recent months however have seen a flurry of activity in the form of screenshots and videos, getting players all hyped up for the Celtic RPG. Now though, with the game recently launching on Steam Early Access, it is time to get some hands on try to work out what the hell is going on with the Gods.

As the game is in Early Access, there are things missing from The Waylanders at the moment. Only about a third of the game is currently available, set within the Celtic period, and even then some of the cut scenes are missing. However, this is plenty enough to get a feeling for what the game will become.

Players begin by creating a character, a familiar enough start to an RPG. There is a choice of male or female, and then four different races to decide upon. Then there are four classes, covering the usual class types of warrior, sorcerer and rogue, and including a healer. Backstories are an option for further customising the character, but at this time there is not much else to tweak as there is little by way of cosmetic customisation. This is obviously something that could come further in development, but at the moment it is limited. Aside from dropping some points into the characters stats, there is not much else to do but embark on an adventure.

The player starts out on a ship, heading along with their King and a number of other characters towards a momentous meeting with the gods. There is a nice Celtic flavour to the ships and this is a good time to meet a few characters. However, this moment of calm doesn’t last very long and the time of the meeting arrives, but things don’t go according to plan. Without wanting to spoil the story, the player’s world is thrown into turmoil and aggressive gods, untamed magic, and even some potential time travel will be just some of the things the player will have to deal with as they sort out the world. It’s a hero’s life.


The Celtic setting is great and the promise of some Medieval action further into the story is certainly interesting. The story certainly makes its mark at the beginning, and it will be interesting to see where the developers take it. While there are assets and scenes missing at the moment, what is there suggests that The Waylanders is going to be a good looking game.

Playing very much as fans of the genre would expect, there is plentiful dialogue to be had, which means lots to read. Players will find themselves asking a lot of questions to not only discover what they need to know, but also to get to know the various characters. Again, there needs to be more work here to flesh out the dialogue and make it more involving, but such is the nature of early access.

When the player is not talking or exploring, they will be fighting. This will be a familiar system for the veterans, in that the player will control a single character at a time, but be able to swap to other members of the party with a simple click. Clicking an enemy will launch the character into combat, with a skill bar offering more complex attacks or actions that often have a cool down timer. The most important thing is that players are able to press the space bar in order to pause the action and take a moment to plan what they want to do next. This allows for a measure of tactical planning that players will welcome.

In all, The Waylanders has a lot of potential. However, early access means that there is plenty for the developers still to do. Aside from finishing the story and fleshing everything out to make it more interesting, the game will still need to be optimised. While I didn’t experience any crashes, the game did struggle to run and made my PC really huff and puff. The joy of early access is that there is a high certainty that issues like this will be resolved before too long and the game can only get better.


RPG fans are always looking for their next fix, and The Waylanders does have the potential to scratch that itch. With the game only in an Alpha state right now, things missing or not working are to be expected. The developers at Gato Studio are working hard though and new stuff and fixes are being dropped in all the time. While it may be a little early yet, The Waylanders on Steam Early Access will be one to watch for any fans of the RPG genre.


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