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Assetto Corsa Competizione

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 7 - 2020

Time to put on your grown-up racing gloves.

There is no better feeling than being behind the wheel of a finely tuned car and then coming across the finish line after a lengthy race in first place. Racing games come in so many different styles that there is something for everyone, from the laid back power fantasy racing found in the more arcade offerings, to the much more serious simulation racing games that concentrate on skill over brute force, and everything in-between. KUNOS Simulazioni’s Assetto Corsa Competizione falls very much into the hard as nails simulation garage of games and, having spent some time already on PC, is now available on Xbox One and PS4 for the much less serious console gamers.


While racing fans will always be looking for their next racing fix, Assetto Corsa Competizione has a very narrow target audience. Being the official game of the GT World Challenge, which it follows faithfully with cars and tracks, it will be less well known than some of the larger racing series. However, perhaps the biggest barrier to entry comes from the difficulty of the game.

Assetto Corsa Competizione is not a game for those players who want to drive loads of different cars on loads of different tracks. This is a game for those who want to race the same track over and over again, mastering the handling of their car and learning every inch of the track to improve their overall time by a millisecond or two. This is a simulation game through and through, and as such can be more tricky than usual to play with a controller. The game was originally designed around a wheel and pedals set up, and it really shows. It is not impossible to play with a controller, although off the bat players may need to tweak the sensitivity to find something that works for them. Swapping out a for a wheel, everything feels less twitchy and, while still not easy to handle, much more controllable. In full-on sim mode, ACC is a tricky beast whiter the player is using a wheel or a controller, but there are assists to turn on and lines to follow to ease the new players into the game and let them find their feet.


Once the player has come to terms with their chosen input equipment and the difficulty of ACC, they are really in for a treat. The developers at KUNOS Simulazioni have gone above and beyond to make the game as realistic as possible, with authentic tracks that have been recreated down to the bumps on the track, and a racing experience that takes into account as much detail as possible, even down to tyre pressure. It can be a little intimidating to start with, but the player will run through a few different situations to gauge their beginning skill, including driving in situations such as night time and heavy rain. Successful players will be the ones that don’t take any risks and wait patiently for the other racers to make the smallest mistakes and then take advantage. Players will have to learn every inch of the track to ensure that when the sun goes down they can avoid mistakes, and understanding how far to push their car in the rain is essential. In a game where the smallest mistake can ruin a perfect run, players will be spending a lot of time missing out on podium finishes.

The level of detail really does raise ACC above the competition, from the difficult handling of the cars, to the recreations of the various tracks. This is a serious racing game, and so players with a tendency to nudge their way through the competition will find themselves with penalties. There are not a huge number of cars or tracks available in the core game, although more content will be coming through DLC, but this at least gives the player a chance to master what is available. After the short tutorial introduction to the racing, most players will likely continue to spend their time in the Career Mode. This will mean picking a team and driver and such, and then heading into a season, which come in various lengths. There is little by way of management in the game, keeping the focus on what happens on the track. Practice mode offers some challenges to mix things up and give players a chance to improve their standing, which in turn can provide access to the more “professional” online racing modes.


While the game may be a bit short on content, ACC more than makes up for this with the visuals. The tracks are beautiful, if you have time to look as you scream past at high speed, and the cars are equally impressive. There are some slightly strange animations inside the car, but nothing too outlandish, and again that level of detail shines through in everything. The sound is of an equally high level, with the roar of the cars going a long way to immersing the player in the thrill of a race, especially when using a headset.

On a downside though, the FPS of ACC is fixed to 30 on consoles. This is a bit disappointing in itself, especially since the PC version can perform so much better, but even then there can be some dips in the frame rate and things can get a little jittery when there is a lot going on. In a game where precision driving is the most important thing, jitters can mean losing out on that podium finish. It’s not game breaking, but it can be frustrating.


Assetto Corsa Competizione is a superlative driving simulation game. It performs better on PC than on console, and players using controllers will likely never be able to compete with those using wheels and pedals. It also needs some optimising for console, and some more content would be nice. However, with all of that said, hardcore racing fans will find the level of detail and the sheer concentration that is required to actually compete is more than enough to keep them staring intently at the screen for hours on end. For serious racers, Assetto Corsa Competizione will be worth making a pit stop for.




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