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Posted by GG Goblin On July - 16 - 2020

Putting your best foot forward.

The majority of video games ask the player to do something extraordinary. Taking down an invading alien force, leading a sports team to the top of their game, even saving a Princess, they generally revolve around challenging the player to do something they wouldn’t normally be in any position to do. Then there are the games that have players doing something relatively mundane, such as NExT Studios’ Biped. In Biped, all the player really has to do is walk. I mean, how hard can that be?


Well, in most games walking is a simple action that can be done without any thought. Biped, however, makes the simple act of walking the main mechanic by putting the player in control of a little robot and mapping the movement of each leg to its own stick. There is a little bit of story to think about, as the robot is charged with activating beacons to save the world or something, but it doesn’t really matter when the walking is so much fun.

Biped is a 3D physics-based puzzle game in which the player will have to guide their little robot through a nice variety of different environments, each of which are filled with obstacles to match their theme. As the walking mechanic is the primary puzzle to overcome, it is easy to guess what form the majority of the puzzles will take, such as tight or moving platforms to walk across. Controlling the robot really does take some getting used to as each leg really does want to do its own thing, and much of the early game will be spent mastering this skill. As the player progresses through the levels, things get more difficult, with more control and precision required from the player, along with more involved puzzles that will have the player manipulating objects in the environment.

All of this is well and good, proving to be plenty of fun, but given the limited number of levels, it is all over too quickly. However, Biped was designed as a co-op game, and dropping another player in goes beyond making the game even more fun, it also provides more levels to play. More content is great, but having to work cooperatively with another player really makes the game shine. There have been plenty of games recently that challenge players to work together, but having to rely on the other player to master their own legs for precision movement, and then carry out whatever task they need to do, can be very testing. No matter how cute and colourful the game is, shouting will likely be the main means of communication. Of course, successfully overcoming a puzzle will equally lead to screams of joy.


Playing Biped in local co-op will substantially lengthen the game, but players will have another good reason to spend more time playing. Aside from the puzzles to solve through the levels, the player will also be able to collect coins along the way. The coins are not always easy to collect, but they can be spent on cosmetic rewards, which make it worthwhile trying. While the cosmetic items, which consist of hats and other accessories, are fairly limited, they are all good fun and look great.

The biggest problem that Biped has is the length of the game. As a predominantly co-op game, Biped is obviously far more fun when playing locally with someone else. It is also much longer, although still feels like it finished too soon. Having the option to play in single player is nice, but it feels so lacking in content as to almost be unfinished. There are some really nice ideas in the game and the levels are really well designed. It just needs more.

Visually, there is nothing to complain about. The levels are bright and colourful with plenty of variety, while the little robots are cute and joyful. The camera ensures that the player can see where they need to go and what they need to do without any problems. It can be a bit tricky working out which way the robots are facing, leading to some awkward mishaps, but its nothing too serious. Biped is a nicely polished game, and the audio is of an equally high quality, matching very nicely to the gameplay.


Biped is a lovely game that seems perfectly suited for the Nintendo Switch. The gameplay is quite unique, and the puzzles are interesting without being too complex. In fact, it is not a difficult game at all. The only real problem is how short the game is, especially when playing alone. However, anyone who has a willing partner ready to take on the complexities of walking will be in for a great time with Biped on Switch.




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