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Radical Rabbit Stew

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 30 - 2020

Put the rabbit in the pot.

The Nintendo Switch is a perfectly capable home console, not quite able to compete with other home consoles, but still very good. However, the thing that raises the Switch above those purely home consoles is the fact that it is portable, which means it is also the best handheld console around at the moment. Being able to slip the Switch in the bag and whip it out at a moments notice for some quick gaming action wherever the player happens to be. This makes it ideal for the sort of rapid, quirky gaming that has become more at home on mobiles in recent years, and there is surely nothing more quirky than Pugstorm’s action puzzler Radical Rabbit Stew.


With a name like Radical Rabbit Stew, there is no way that this game could be taken seriously. Throw in a nonsensical story of revenge involving vicious space rabbits attacking chefs, and that revenge taking the form of slapping those rabbits into pots, and it quickly becomes obvious that the player will have to submit to the silliness. In these serious times, a little bit of silly could be exactly what players need.

So there is a story to follow, which is passed on to the player with delightfully retro slides. Combined with the pixel art of the actual gameplay, which is presented very well, and the chiptune soundtrack, and players could be forgiven for thinking they were playing a game from years gone by. The nostalgic hit is quite nice, and further complements the out and about, pick up and play nature of Radical Rabbit Stew.

When it comes to the gameplay, things remain quite simple and of the era. As an action puzzle game, Radical Rabbit Stew starts out leaning far more towards the puzzle side of things, with a mechanic that many players will recognise from other puzzle games. The levels begin with rabbits appearing throughout, along with silver cooking pots. There are also various obstacles around the level, and the player begins armed with a spoon. The idea is to get a rabbit into each of the pots by hitting them with the spoon and launching them in that direction. Obviously, the obstacles, some of which can be destroyed, have to be navigated in order to get each bunny into the cooking pot, and so the game becomes a matter of working out the route and which rabbit to send where. It’s a simple concept that has worked very well for plenty of previous puzzle games, and is quite enjoyable here.


Of course, things don’t stay that simple. Aside from the fact that the rabbits tend to fight back, and thus can actually defeat the player, throw in more complex rabbits that can have special attacks, or environmental hazards that will quickly deplete the players store of health, and things become much more action packed and quick paced. New tools become available, such as a stronger spoon for dealing with larger bunnies, or a grapple claw that can be used in different ways, to keep the gameplay fresh, and the game is constantly introducing new ways to make the levels more difficult, or at least to keep the player having to think about new approaches.

The boss fights which inevitably turn up are a slight change of pace, although there doesn’t feel like enough variety here. They do become increasingly more difficult though, and will prove to challenge most players. Hidden coins add some replayability to the game, as does the multiplayer mode which is exactly as frantic and chaotic as you would expect.

Radical Rabbit Stew isn’t a long game, but that is not really a downside as this is exactly the type of game that works best when being picked up and played in little, bite-sized chunks. Combining the light puzzle element with the very fast and frantic action can get repetitive over long gaming sections, but in short bursts it is really refreshing.


Standing in a queue, on a short journey, or while waiting for the kettle to boil, Radical Rabbit Stew is the perfect quick distraction from the seriousness of life. Played in one session, the game could be finished in only a couple of hours, the but nice and bright presentation, the silliness of the setting, and the fun and relatively easy gameplay make this a great dose of joy for moments that need it. It’s all good fun, and if that is what you are looking for from your action puzzle game on Switch, then Radical Rabbit Stew is worth a look.




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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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