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Urban Trial Tricky

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 7 - 2020

Getting tricky with the Urban Trial series.

Tate Multimedia’s Urban Trial series has been around for a fair while now, offering a quirky combination of the more technical Trials series and the arcade action of games like OlliOlli. Continuing the now well established formula, the latest entry in the series, Urban Trial Tricky, is now available on Nintendo Switch, and proves to be just as much fun as pulling tricks on a dirt bike should be.


Those who have spent any time with games like Trials, Joe Danger or OlliOlli will know roughly what to expect in Urban Trial Tricky. The game will present the player with a level, usually packed full of various obstacles, and then challenge the player to reach the end, all while pulling off all manner of different tricks along the way.

Urban Trial Tricky comes with three different modes, with the Timed mode being possibly the simplest. In this mode, the player only has to reach the end of the level in the quickest time possible. Given that there are only around thirty levels in the game, playing in this way will see the player finish the game in only a couple of hours, depending on their skill. While some levels flow together in a very pleasing way to be played at speed, others throw in so many obstacles that getting a flow going is all the more difficult.

Reaching the end of a level in the fastest time is not the only way to play the game though. Trick mode brings in a chance to make use of all those obstacles and start pulling off cool tricks, with an aim to getting a decent score. Getting to grips with the controls is easy enough, with accelerating, shifting the weight on the bike and the various trick buttons all explained quite well. The player can perform a small jump to avoid smaller obstacles, and can pop a jump at the top of a ramp to get extra time in the air, ideal for pulling off the more complex tricks. Tricks can also be performed while pulling a wheelie or stoppie, and linking tricks together into combos is where the big scores lie. There is also a gauge to fill that will give access to super special tricks that earn even more points. Players not only score points in each level, they also earn stars that will be needed to unlock further levels as the player progresses, occasionally meaning that the p[layer will have to go back and replay previous levels to earn more stars.


The final mode is Competition, which plays similarly to the Trick mode in that the player will be performing tricks on their bike. The difference is that they will be challenged to perform specific tricks, which ramps up the difficulty, especially when the game asks for a trick that simply can’t be performed due to the obstacles around.

There is more going on still. There are challenges to try and complete as the player progresses. Then there are collectibles to be grabbed in each level, which will give the player the means to purchase all manner of customisation options. These include new bikes and paint jobs, new exhaust effects, and new costumes for the on-screen character. The player can also unlock new tricks that can be assigned to the available buttons, switching up what they are able to do in the level.

Urban Trial Tricky is a good looking game. It has that kind of bright, colourful cartoony look that will appeal to most players, and the animation of the rider adds to the feel good feeling. The levels can be quite busy at times, with a lot going on, but offer an urban setting that provides plenty to look at. The game also performs flawlessly, which is to be expected for a game series that has been around for a while.

When everything from the obstacles to the tricks are flowing smoothly, Urban Trial Tricky feels wonderful to play. However, the placement of some obstacles in certain levels breaks that flow and makes the game much more about controlling speed and timing, which can be much more frustrating. A bonus for more competitive players is an online leader board, but otherwise the inclusion of only thirty or so levels is limiting. With that said though, this is a budget priced title.


Urban Trial Tricky takes the gameplay that we have seen in previous Urban Trial games, along with other titles, and drops it into a well presented, if slightly small, package on the Switch. Perfecting tricks, getting high scores and completing levels in a better time are all good reasons to come back for more, and the quick hit gameplay is ideal for short gaming sessions on the go. Players who like their bikes in the air and aren’t afraid of a face full of asphalt will find plenty to enjoy in Urban Trial Tricky.




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