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Big Freaking Screens For DOOM 3: BFG

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The Evil Within and ‘The Keeper’ Statue available to Pre-order For £299.99

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Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut On PS3 And Vita

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Dwerve Reaches KickStarter Goal On First Day

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 26 - 2020

Half Human Games’ upcoming tower defense dungeon crawler RPG Dwerve managed to reach its KickStarter goal on the very first day, and so stretch goals have been announced. Also, a 1 hour demo is now available on Steam.


Dwerve is a beautifully crafted Zelda-inspired action RPG with innovative tower defense-based combat, coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux in 2021. Inspired by SNES RPGs like A Link to the Past, Dwerve takes all the mechanics you know and love: dungeon crawling, questing, exploring, and storytelling; and presents it with a new style of tactical turret-based combat where strategic turret and trap placement decide the outcome of each battle!

Dwerve tells the story of a young dwarven tinkerer that adventures into dwarven ruins to unearth the lost technologies of the ancient warsmiths: turrets and traps, the only weapons that can protect the dwarves from Witch Queen Vandra the Wicked and her army of bloodthirsty trolls and monstrous creatures.

Key Features

– Tactical turret-based combat involves making strategic decisions about which turrets and traps to build and where.
– Upgrade your arsenal with over a dozen turrets and traps, each with it’s own unique upgrade tree.
– Discover powerful artifacts: an arrow-blocking shield, dashing boots, a bouncing boomerang, a ground-shaking hammer, and more!
– Story-based campaign. Unravel the history of the dwarves and the trolls in a story that features diverse characters and an unpredictable plot!
– Explore ancient dungeons in multiple biomes, each with hidden secrets, mysterious puzzles, and interesting lore!
– Fully dynamic lighting. Adventure through dimly lit dungeons that come to life with dynamic lights and shadows!


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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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