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GUNNAR Optiks Lightning Bolt 360 Gaming Glasses

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 25 - 2020

GUNNAR Optiks, the No.1 brand in gaming glasses, have launched a new product and we have been wearing them for the last few days.

So, you are a serious gamer. You have the perfect setup, your controllers are unique, your keyboard has a satisfying click, your mouse is like an extension of your hand, and you can hear a pin drop through your headset. Hell, even your mouse mat changes colour. But what else can you add to improve your game? How about a nice pair of gaming glasses?

GUNNAR Optiks have long be known for their range of performance enhancing gaming glasses, and today have released a brand new model to the range. The Lightning Bolt 360 glasses offer more bells and whistles than you would expect from a pair of glasses, but before we get down to our time with them, let’s take a look at the trailer and check out the press blurb.



One of the key innovative design features of LB360 is the lightning bolt shaped temple which relieves pressure at the front of the head. Featuring interchangeable temples and a strap option for the ultimate comfort while wearing a headset, LB360 includes interchangeable lens options for indoor gaming and Sun for outdoor use, and nose bridge options for a personalized fit.

GUNNAR’s gaming glasses are proven to help players perform better by enhancing focus and preventing dry eyes during long gaming sessions. LB360 protects gamers eyes from the short- and long-term negative effects of digital eye strain and extended exposure to the artificial blue light emitted from digital screens.

“GUNNAR has always been the leader in the gaming space, and we take design innovation very seriously – going beyond blocking blue light. After listening to feedback from the gaming community, it was clear that temple pressure and headaches while wearing headsets were two big issues that needed to be addressed, and so the design idea for the LB360 was born,” said Georgina Petrie, GUNNAR’s director of marketing, gaming & brand. “We didn’t just stop there, rather than just delivering a pair of blue light gaming glasses, we wanted to develop a solution that addresses any use-case scenario for anyone that takes gaming seriously – gaming on the go, indoors and out, headset or no headset – a true elite gaming offering. We are thrilled to be finally launching LB360 today to gamers across the globe.”

Ultimately six pairs of glasses in one, LB360 comes in three editions: GUNNAR, 6 Siege and ESL. The complete package features a stylized wrap around frame for comfort fit, three interchangeable temple options (classic, post and strap) for ultimate headset compatibility and three nose bridges (S, M, L) to ensure the perfect fit. It comes with two interchangeable lens sets (Amber, BLPF 65 and Sun, BLPF 90 and blocks 100% UV light), along with a pouch, cleaning cloth and mini-locker carrying case to keep all the customizable accessories in one place. The glasses are available in prescription.

GUNNAR pioneered the standard for gaming and computer glasses that offer the ultimate in performance and protection with its “Blue Light Protection Factor(BLPF),” a lens protection scale similar to SPF in sun protection. Clinically proven and doctor recommended, GUNNAR’s patented lens technology not only enhances focus at close range, but reduces dry eyes, minimizes glare and blocks blue light.

Okay, sound impressive right? Well, they are.

First up, GGUK had the chance to check out the GUNNAR RPG eyewear some seven years ago and were impressed even then. Obviously technology has moved on since then, and GUNNAR’s latest release, the Lightning Bolt 360, are an obvious evolution. The science behind why gaming glasses are a good idea is, to be honest, slightly beyond me. However, even seven years ago I was able to tell the difference and see the benefits.


Starting at the beginning, the Lightning Bolt 360 glasses come in an impressively large hard case, and opening the case will reveal all of the goodies inside. Not only does the buyer get their shiny new pair of glasses, but they also get two extra nose bridges, an extra pair of lenses, and three different options for attacking the glasses to the head. There is also the appropriate paper work and a cleaning cloth.

The nose bridges come in three different sizes, so the player can choose the size to fit them most comfortably. They have what appears to be a silicon covering to prevent any form of slipping during particularly sweaty gaming sessions. To change the nose bridge is simply a matter of pinching, tilting away from the frame and then pulling down. It is all fairly easy and painless.

The lenses are arguably the most important part of the glasses, and owners of the Lightning Bolt 360 glasses get two pairs. The first pair will be familiar to anyone who has tried GUNNAR glasses before, offering an amber lens that apparently blocks out 65% of blue light. The other set of lenses have a darker tint and come with a slightly mirrored blue finish. These lenses turn your glasses into sun glasses, with 100% UV light blocking, while also still managing to block 90% of blue light. While I can’t imagine many users entering into heavy gaming sessions in bright sunlight, these lenses will protect the eyes while using mobile devices. It should also be noted that GUNNAR offer a service to have prescription lenses made for both styles of lens if needed. Swapping out the lenses is as easy as removing the nose bridge and then popping them out.

Then comes the different ways of attaching the glasses to your head, the arms of sorts. I say of sorts because the Lightning Bolt 360s come with three different options. Firstly, the user can choose the lightning bolt shaped arms that presumably give the glasses their name. These are really comfortable and apply very little pressure while being worn for long periods. The second option follows the same shape, but has thin metal bars rather than arms. These will grip the head more tightly and will likely be better for the more animated gamer. Finally, and arguably most interestingly, is a strap. This firm strap will attach the glasses around the back of the head and can be tightened to fit comfortably. The idea behind the strap is that it will be the most unobtrusive and comfortable to use while wearing a headset for a long time, and it works perfectly. With that said though, I found even the standard arms to be comfortable with a headset. Swapping out the arms is a matter of a press and pull, but I have to say that this is where I struggled. The first few times, it was really difficult to detach the arms, but this did seem to get easier with each time I tried.


When it comes to the experience, the wrap around frame and all of the different arm options are very comfortable. I will say that I prefer the classic arms, but that is down to preference, and I could happily wear them for extended gameplay sessions with and without a headset. The sunglass lenses are nicely tinted and look cool, but the real star are the amber lenses. I passed the glasses around to a few other people and everyone commented on how much clearer everything looked. With the amber lenses, it is easier to focus for longer periods and the eyes don’t dry out anywhere near as quickly. They offer an obvious improvement.

As for longevity, I have only had the Lightning Bolt 360s for a few days. With that said, I still have the GUNNAR glasses that I reviewed seven years ago, and they are still in pristine condition, so I have no worries about GUNNAR’s build quality. Those glasses will likely outlive me. There are some concerns about the LB360s though, due to their modular nature. Attaching and detaching parts, especially the arms, could well cause wear over time, but it is not something I can comment on right now. I think most users will quickly discover their perfect set up, and so hopefully they will remain solid for a long time to come. It is also good to know that GUNNAR seem to offer a wide range of replacement parts, should accidents happen, along with further lens options for those who want to customise their glasses beyond what is in the box.

Then there is the price. Available starting at £119.99 in the UK, these are no cheap eyewear. Gunnar have quite a range of different gaming glasses available, and they come in a range of prices, but the Lightning Bolt 360s come at the high end of the range. With that said, they are the glasses that come with the most options, and have the potential to replace at least a couple of pairs of glasses, which does make them seem much more of a bargain.


It is difficult to say that gaming glasses are an essential part of a gamers toolkit. Most gamers are either sensible enough to not spend too much time in front of a screen without a break, while those that do overextend, such as myself, have learned to live with the dry eyes and headaches. Of course, for professional gamers, that little edge that the Lightning Bolt 360s can give would be worth it. Also, anyone who is fed up with the dry eyes and headaches would benefit from some gaming glasses, and the Lightning Bolt 360s with their variety of different options out of the box are the gold standard. The side effects of artificial blue light, from sleep issues to vision problems, are something often discussed in the media, so why not go on the defensive with a pair of gaming glasses that can protect the eyes during both heavy gaming sessions and frequent glances at a mobile phone.

With screen time increasing year on year, blue light restricting eyewear can only be a good thing, and the GUNNAR Lightning Bolt 360s are very easy to recommend. Stylish, comfortable, customisable to the user, and available for all types of eyes, these are everyday glasses with the gamer in mind. If you can, you should!

GUNNAR Lightning Bolt 360 gaming glasses are available in the UK from www.overclockers.co.uk, or from the official GUNNAR site, where the rest of the range can also be seen.


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