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Indie Royale Replay Bundle Vol 1 now available

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft arriving on Mac, PC and ipad

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Papercraft NES Controller

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Prey Debut Gameplay Trailer & Screens

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Super Bomberman R Online launches September 1 on Stadia

Posted by TurtleGirl On August - 25 - 2020

Konami has announced Super Bomberman R Online will launch for Stadia on September 1. Check out the trailer below.



Super Bomberman R Online is a new addition to the beloved Bomberman series featuring the new Battle 64 mode. Players from around the world will compete in frenetic online matches with up to 64 players simultaneously. Bombers will be placed at random starting points before being let loose on a bombing frenzy against other players. As time ticks away, areas will begin to close, forcing you to scramble to the other remaining areas before the timer runs out. Blast away all your rivals and be the last one standing!

Prepare to head into battle as one of the Eight Bomberman Bros. with numerous characters (including those from Super Bomberman R and other Konami IPs) to come later. The game features greater customization options, costumes, accessories and for the first time, bomb skins—affecting both the bomb and the blast itself.

Battle 64 Mode

With the new Battle 64 mode, players will automatically be placed in one of many areas at the start of each match, and must battle it out against other players in the same area. Areas will begin to close down as the clock ticks and players must pass through the gates to the other remaining areas before the timer runs out!

Those who make it to the last remaining area must battle it out to become the last one standing!!

Area: The area that you are currently playing in is shown with a blue frame. Areas that are about to close down will have a [ ! ] mark.
Gate: Areas with the flickering [ ! ] mark will close down when the timer runs out. Once the gates have opened, players can pass through them to the adjacent areas.

Crowd Play

Play with your favorite streamer by joining their game through the Crowd Play feature! Seamlessly join the streamer’s game by accessing the link on the screen.

Character Customization

Customize your character and win with style! Pick your favorite outfit and head into battle! Each customizable bomb skin comes with their own unique blast!

For Stadia Pro users:

Available from September 1st, Stadia Pro users will have indefinite free access to the base game*.
From September 1st to November 30th 2020, Stadia Pro users will be able to claim the Premium Edition bundle (base game + Premium Pack – RRP €9.99/£9.99) for no cost and is theirs to keep.

After November 30th, 2020, Stadia Pro users can purchase the Premium Pack add-on at RRP €9.99/£9.99 which will provide users the same content as the Premium Edition bundle.

For Stadia Base users:

Available post-launch, Stadia Base users will be required to purchase the Premium Edition bundle at RRP €9.99/£9.99 (‘base game only’ option will not be available). Further details on bundle availability for Base users will be shared soon.

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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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