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Bake ‘N Switch

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 11 - 2020

For people who want to throw baked goods around, but don’t want to clear up the mess afterwards.

One presumably good thing to have come from this whole lock down situation is that people have been able to spend more time with their loved ones, and for gamers this will have meant finding a constant stream of fun co-op titles to play. With the lock down lasting as long as it did, many of thee co-op fun seeking gamers will have exhausted games such as the excellent Overcooked! and may well be ready for something new. Well, the lock down may have pretty much finished, but that doesn’t mean the co-op fun has to stop, and more cooking related craziness is now available with Streamline Games’ Bake ‘N Switch, available on Switch and PC. Time to get the oven gloves out again.


Bake ‘N Switch has quite a simple concept. The players have the job of putting dough into an oven to make lovely baked goods. There is a time limit and the players will score points for depositing the dough, with a star rating awarded at the end depending on how many points are scored. Good times.

Of course it is much more difficult than that. The player is presented with two different maps, one taking the player to a glorious tropical island, and the other in a more desert setting. Each level within these maps can include a variety of environmental hazards and designs that will slow the player down in their quest for baked perfection. The levels are all bright and colourful and it is usually easy to see what the players will have to do, it may just take a little more planning or cooperating to achieve the scores.


It doesn’t stop there though. In Bake ‘N Switch the dough is alive, and it is adorable. These are little dough creatures and they move around. While the most basic dough creature is not difficult to capture, the introduction of different types of dough creature may require more wrangling, such as the fast moving DoughDough. The player has to grab the dough and throw it into the oven, but sometimes the oven requires a specific type of dough, which means further communication with the other players. Throwing individual doughs into the oven won’t score the points that players require though, but throwing a dough creature into another dough creature will cause it to grow, and thus score more points. Larger dough creatures will even consume the smaller ones of their own accord, leading to yet more tactics in getting those big point scores.

Then there are Mouldies, the nemesis of any baker. These evil creatures can appear on a level and cause all sorts of problems, such as infecting the dough creatures so they can’t be baked. The Mouldies will need to be dealt with, but fortunately the little bakers are not just good for throwing dough into ovens. They are brawlers too and are able to beat the Mouldies into submission, adding further for players to think about.

When it comes to the bakers, there are a variety of different characters to choose from, and each character has their own special ability along with being an excellent baker. The abilities range and can offer new ways to deal with Mouldies or more efficient dough collection for example. But the abilities are tied to a meter and so cannot be used that often. This presents plenty of decisions for players, as choosing characters with complimentary abilities will make a round more successful, and deciding on a role within the game, like taking care of Mouldies or grouping dough creatures together for someone else to throw into the over, means that plenty of communication with the other players is essential.


Of course, competing against the other players in the more competitive modes will lead yet more tactical thinking, as Bake ‘N Switch includes PvP modes alongside the regular cooperative mode. These are available both locally and online, although the local play is obviously where players will have the most fun.

Rewarding players for a job well done, costumes will become available that, while not making any difference to the actual gameplay, will allow players to customise their favourite characters and stand out more in the levels. It’s a nice reason to come back and keep playing, but with six different bakers and their special abilities to master, seven different types of dough creature to gather, and more than 100 levels to complete, the other reasons to come back are obvious.


Bake ‘N Switch falls into a genre that has huge popularity at this time. It is a nicely polished game with plenty of charm and character, along with gameplay that is easy to understand and can be played by any level of gamer. With additional content set to be released further down the line, for free, Bake ‘N Switch will continue to grow. Packed with joy and fun, Bake ‘N Switch is a game that all Switch party gamers need to have in their library. Get baking!




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