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BPM: Bullets Per Minute Preview

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 1 - 2020

For those moments when shooting hellish minions is just too easy.

First-person shooters have been around for an age now, and pretty much everything that can be done within an FPS has been done. Rhythm games have also lead a long life and treated players to all manner of actions to the beat of a tune. However, the idea of combining these two genres into something altogether new hasn’t been done before, and after having spent some time with Awe Interactive’s BPM: Bullets Per Minute, it is easy to see why. I can shoot, I can keep a beat, but it turns out that I can’t do the two together.


With a slightly retro styling which is heavy on the red colouring, BPM: Bullets Per Minute is an easy game to understand. Or at least it is at first sight. Players take on the role of a mighty Valkyrie who is charged with fighting back the hellish minions as they try to overrun Asgard. That’s all well and good, and seems like a perfectly acceptable premise for a game. Throw in some big guns, along with the ability to upgrade as the player progresses, nice manoeuvrability with the likes of a double jump and a dash, and all manner of evil beasties running towards our hero, and you have the perfect set up for FPS fun.

BPM also has a roguelike touch to it with the way that the dungeons are randomly generated and linked together. The goal is to beat the various bosses in order to reach a final boss, and a range of different characters that will be available in the finished game ensures that the player will be able to pick and choose the one that works best for them, with each having their own strengths and weaknesses.


So, fans of the FPS genre may be chomping at the bit to start mowing down the evil interlopers while looking cool as heck. The thing is though, they will also need to do all of this slaughtering to a beat.

Believe me when I say that this is no easy task. Basically, everything that the player wants to do has to be done to the beat of the music, which means every shot, every jump or dash, even every reload will have to be timed and performed with rhythm. Much like other rhythm games, keeping everything tight and when it is supposed to happen with keep a combo meter going up which will lead to better and better rewards. In theory, this doesn’t sound like too much of a problem, but in practice it is far too easy to get sidetracked and just shoot the monsters, or to reload when reloading is needed. It takes a strong will to resist and keep everything going to the rhythm. Thank goodness the game features some fairly epic rock opera tunes to keep the action running at a high speed.


It really does take quite some getting used to, and even veterans of the two genres fused together here will struggle for a time. As a result, death will be a common occurrence, and as is often the case, death will mean starting all over again and losing all of those cool weapons and abilities. There is a little bit of hope in the form of certain rewards or abilities carrying over to the next run, but until the player manages to click with the rhythm shooter gameplay, BPM will remain brutal.

BPM promises five different characters when the game launches, along with a variety of different bosses that will each offer the player a different challenge. It has to be said that the visuals look pretty cool and when combined with the rocking soundtrack from the likes of Muse and Audioslave, it is easy to feel like a badass.

BPM: Bullets Per Minute is set to start challenging players when it launches for PC on September 15th, and the game will be coming to consoles further down the line. If the idea of fighting back demonic creatures to a rocking rhythm sounds like the sort of challenge that will get you head banging, check out the official Steam page and wishlist BPM: Bullets Per Minute.


While waiting for the BPM launch on September 15th, check out the list of features to be found in the final game –

– Shoot, jump and dodge to the beat while battling hordes of enemies.
– Fight powerful bosses in challenging boss battles that will push you to the edge.
– Explore randomly generated dungeons.
– Choose from 5 different characters with unique strengths and weaknesses.
– Wield a powerful arsenal of weapons, all with different behaviour for firing and reloading to the beat of the soundtrack.
– Battle a diverse array of enemies, each with unique rhythmic behaviours.
– Get overpowered and fire shotgun rockets while flying through the air.
– Utilise abilities that radically alter the way you play the game, from teleport to freezing bolts.
– Equip over 40 items that buff your character in unique and interesting ways.
– Experience an epic rock opera soundtrack.
– Challenge modes for extra gameplay.


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