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Ghost Of A Tale (Switch)

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 22 - 2020

I saw a mouse. Where? There on the Switch, trying to escape the tyranny of rats.

The Nintendo Switch has quickly become a home for older games looking for a new lease of life. From the big name titles that are remastered and offered to new players, to the smaller indie games that make the jump from other platforms, the Switch’s library is both massive and impressive. A recent new addition to the Switch eShop is Ghost of a Tale from SeithCG, a medieval stealth exploration title featuring anthropomorphic creatures that originally released a couple of years ago for PC and the other consoles. Packed with charm, sneaking, and the chance to play the underdog, or undermouse in this case, is going portable worth the cost in visual quality?


Being that Ghost of a Tale has been available on other platforms for a while now, it is perhaps important to get this out the way. Ghost of a Tale is not as good looking on Switch as on other platforms. The controls and such on the Switch version are perfect, but anyone who has the chance to compare will see a game that has been downgraded. Playing on a docked Switch will give the best experience, but the big appeal of playing any game on Switch comes from being able to take the game out and about, and in portable mode the characters and animations are more blurry. Of course, players who don’t have access to the game on other platforms will know no difference, and it doesn’t look bad, just not as good. The characters are still nicely detailed and while the varied environments may look a little muddy some of the time, they keep within the theme of the grim medieval setting. Just a heads up for multi-platform gamers who put visual quality above all else.

Now that the grumpy stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about the adorable Tilo. Tilo is an anthropomorphic mouse and the star of this tale. Considering how cute Tilo is, it really tugs at the heartstrings that his life is particularly grim. Tilo lives in a medieval world whee mice are the smallest and weakest of species. This world is ruled over by rats, although other anthropomorphic animals are around as well. The world has a deep and interesting history that players will be able to uncover as they play the game, giving even more flavour to Tilo’s plight. You see, Tilo finds himself locked away in a cell in Dwindling Heights. As if this is not bad enough, he is also separated from the love of his life. It will be up to the player to put things right.


Most games that begin this way, with the hero in a cell, will give the player a sword and then let them fight their way to freedom. In Ghost of a Tale though, the hero is a mouse and most enemies are bigger and stronger, so that’s not going to work. Instead, Tilo will have to rely on speed, stealth, the occasional throw, and some costume changes. Sure, that makes sense.

Starting with a solid tutorial section that will teach the player the basics they need to know, it will then come down to exploration and working out where to go and how to get there unseen. The player is given clear objectives and along the way will find other characters who could use a hand. These side quests have nice rewards and are plentiful enough to really add to the game. Tilo will become more capable as he progresses through the game, and much of that will come from the new outfits that he gains. These will not only change his look, and are always cute, but also offer bonuses to one thing or another, sometimes even giving access to unreachable areas.


All of that aside, it is mostly stealth that players will be using here. Combat is not really an option as the rats are far too strong. With that said, there is the option to throw an object at an enemy to befuddle them. Throwing items also allows for distractions and otherwise giving guards a hard time. However, much of the time will be spent running, jumping and climbing to stay out of their view. The stealth mechanics work well here and are perhaps more forgiving than other stealth games due to the relative dimwittedness of the rats. There is also a notification that shows when an enemy is aware of Tilo, and when they have lost interest, and also the music can give some notifications of when Tilo is in trouble, so it is worth playing with the volume up or some headphones. Tilo will be keeping to the shadows, or jumping into barrels or cupboards to avoid the rats gaze as they stay hidden. Getting caught will mean going back to the cell, so Tilo will have to use all of his stealth skills.

Aside from the graphical downgrade for the Switch version, there is very little else to complain about with Ghost of a Tale on Switch. It is worth mentioning that the occasional graphical glitch, especially clipping, that can make it more difficult to see what is happening in the game, but it is not so bad as to ruin anything. In all, Ghost of a Tale is a well made game.


Ghost of a Tale is an impressive game. While it may somewhat limited in its stealth approach, the stealth gameplay itself is impressively done. The exploration is enjoyable and the world in which the game is set feels deep and packed with lore. Visually, the Switch version may not be top of the pile, but it is still a good looking game, and being able to play it on the go will be a worthwhile trade off for many. If you are looking for a rich, enchanting stealth game on Switch, Ghost of a Tale is a very good choice.




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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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