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Hammerting Early Access Preview

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 27 - 2020

Going underground.

The second dwarf-based game of the week, Hammerting takes a very different, far more dwarfy approach to playing with the bearded mountain folk. Hammerting, developed by Warpzone Studios and published by Team17, comes to Steam Early Access today and gives players the chance to manage a dwarf mining colony. If you have ever fancied spending your life underground, breaking rock, drinking ale and collecting shiny metals, and have a love of beards, read on.


As an Early Access title, Hammerting is only really at the beginning of its journey to be a fully released and finished game. However, there is plenty already working and it is easy to get a sense of where the game is going. Already, the game has developed a deep and interesting world, and there is more to Hammerting than just building a dwarf colony for the sake of it. The battle between good and evil is raging on in the overworld and, as one of the good races, the dwarves want to play their part. To this end, a team of three head into the mountain to reclaim their ancient home and provide the resources needed to fight back against evil.


This ongoing story provides not only flavour to the mining, but also purpose as the player will often be tasked with providing materials to to fend off the forces of evil, with failure resulting in lost territory in the overworld. Once all of the overworld has been conquered, it is game over. Trading with the overworld is also another feature that comes up often, giving the dwarves a chance to swap resources they have in plentiful supply for things that are perhaps a bit more difficult to come by underground.

But the underground is where the player will be spending the majority of their time, as they give orders to the dwarves and watch as they rush around and get things done with a rather impressive work ethic. Each dwarf has their own stats and preferences, but they will happily get on with whatever the job is at the time. The player starts with only three dwarves, but the aim is to create a full colony with dwarves running here and there as they get all of those resources out of the ground for the war effort. Keeping the dwarf machine moving comes down to keeping an eye on just a couple of things, such as keeping them fed, making them happy with plenty of beer, and catering to their greed and love of shiny things.

The game is played from a side on view, giving the player an excellent view of the underground. There is already some structure to the underground areas, but the player will have to set their dwarves to work in order to make it something in which they can live and gather those resources. This will mean building rooms within the back wall of the underground in order to start getting those resources, but also creating the infrastructure that will allow the dwarves to move around. While the horizontal movement is fairly straight forward to facilitate, the vertical nature of underground construction will lead to more complex methods, such as scaffolding. As the colony gets larger, this can lead to setting up tracks and even elevators to get the dwarves everywhere they need to be.


Of course, the dwarves are not alone in this underground cavern. But as with everything else, they are not shy about getting their hands dirty and dispatching any creatures that may be causing them problems. Again, the dwarves will automatically attack anything that threatens them, so the odd creature won’t pose any threat. Rooms that spawn enemies are a bit more of a problem, but the combat at this point in Early Access doesn’t seem to be a primary concern.

A tech tree will give the dwarves new rooms and new crafting options as they progress, and individual dwarves will need certain tools to perform some actions. As the game progresses, things do get more complex as the player will have to run through a whole chain of resources to reach the desired result. There is already a lot going on in Hammerting, but the developers are not stopping there.

As an Early Access title Hammerting is set to grow. The developers suggest that the game will be in Early Access for around six months, and already have a nice list of areas that they will improve or add to in that time, along with new ideas. The road map includes things like beauty and decor, fishing and farming, and even dwarven relations, so there is a lot more to look forward to.


Right now, Hammerting already has a lot to offer. However, it feels a little messy and can be confusing when first started. The games’ time in Early Access will likely polish things up, along with adding plenty more content and things to do for the player. Hammerting is releasing on Steam Early Access later today, October 27th, and will be one to watch for anyone who fancies managing a dwarf mining colony. For those who want a taste, a demo is available on the Hammerting Steam page.


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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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