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Ocean’s Heart Preview

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 20 - 2020

A 2D action RPG that is worth watching for genre fans.

There is always time for a new Zelda-like game, and while there has been an influx of games recently taking inspiration from Breath of the Wild, the more retro-styled action RPGs will always be popular. Despite there being plenty of games in this style around, with some offering a straight up clone of the old Zelda games and others integrating new ideas, quality varies. For those who enjoy this genre, Ocean’s Heart from Max Mraz will certainly be one to keep an eye on.



“Ocean’s Heart draws inspiration from the captivating 90s adventure RPGs that so many of us grew up with, but with a more intricate storyline than many of the classics featured,” said Artūras Surgutanovas, Head of Marketing from Nordcurrent. “The game aims to both pay homage to the greatness of the originals while still advancing the genre through the many side quests, puzzles, upgrades, bosses and dungeons. If you feel nostalgia for action-RPG or action adventure games that focus on exploration, then Ocean’s Heart is for you!”

Ocean’s Heart is not due to launch on Steam until early 2021, but GGUK had the chance to play a demo from the game to get a taste of what is to come. Usually a demo will involve a small snippet from the game, but the developers of Ocean’s Heart have gone one step further with an entirely stand alone demo taking place outside of the main game. So while we didn’t get to experience any of the games main story, it gave a good idea of what is to come. And when a demo begins with the main character being given a ferry ticket to a resort island for no other reason than “because it’s a demo”, well, that is worthy of further exploration.


So it only takes mere moments for Tilia, the hero of Ocean’s Heart, to head down to the docks and hop on the ferry. The traditional top-down viewpoint will instantly take the player back to the games that obviously serve as inspiration here. No ocean voyage ever goes smoothly though, and the ship quickly comes under attack from a sea monster of some sort. This is where the player will see yet more recognisable features, especially as they delve into Tilia’s inventory to equip her bow, boomerang, bombs and such.

Tilia quickly finds herself on a beach with all of her equipment gone, and so really begins this short demo. Armed with nought but a rusty sword, there was a general goal involving spirits and a witch ghost, and so the exploration began. The sword can be swung to smash containers or attack some of the various monsters that seem to be inhabiting the island. Other pieces of equipment will be found that allow progression, as is often the case with games of this style. With ample combat and puzzles to tempt the player, the demo did a great job of showing what Ocean’s Heart will have to offer.


The mechanics may be instantly recognisable, but the world in which Ocean’s Heart is set seems to be something a little special. Sure, dungeons and towns are a mainstay, but there is a sense of humour that is quite happy to acknowledge its inspiration, and a huge amount of charm to the inhabitants of this world. The story in the main game, in which Tilia is heading off to rescue her father and best friend from Blackbeard the pirate, sounds like a great reason to explore this pixel-art world.

The Ocean’s Heart demo also showed off the nice pixel-art visuals, which have a retro flavour while also being bright and colourful enough to not look out of place in modern gaming. There is a nice level of detail to the varied environments, and the character and enemy models all look great.


Ocean’s Heart may not be due to launch on Steam until next year, but the demo was certainly enough to get my interest. If the developers can carry over the character and smooth gameplay of this stand alone demo to the full game, then Ocean’s Heart could prove to be something really special. Fans of the retro action RPG should head over to Steam and wishlist Ocean’s Heart right now.


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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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