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ROCCAT Burst Pro Mouse

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 12 - 2020

I saw a mouse, where. There on my desk, zipping around and changing colour.

To some PC gamers, a mouse is a mouse. It doesn’t matter whether the mouse costs £5 or £50, as long as it moves a cursor across the screen and has a couple of buttons for clicking, what more could be needed. I would suggest that maybe those gamers have never found the right mouse, as a good quality gaming mouse can make all the difference. While not always the case, a decent mouse will also represent good value for money as they will likely last far longer than any cheap mouse. In that respect, it may be worth checking out ROCCAT’s new Burst Pro mouse, which has a 100 million click life-cycle thanks to the new Titan Switches. Let’s take a look at this unassuming new mouse –


To a professional gamer, the right mouse can mean the difference between winning the tournament and being unceremoniously kicked out in the first round. I am not a professional gamer, but I have been gaming long enough to have seen mice come and go, and have even reviewed a few on this site. Now it’s time to check out the ROCCAT Burst Pro mouse, so let’s start at the beginning.

The Burst Pro is nicely packaged in an understated way, and along with the mouse, users will find a small manual and a spare set of pads for the underside of the mouse. That’s a good start. Available in black or white, the mouse is unremarkable out of the box, although the lovely braided cable is a great feature straight away. The mouse has a standard left and right button, two buttons that rest under the thumb, a scrolling wheel and a small button just behind that.

Perhaps the thing that users will notice first is the weight of the mouse. At only 68 grams, it is very easy to move. It is slightly smaller than I am used to (currently using a Razer Deathadder), but may prove ideal for gamers with smaller hands. The light weight, which really is incredibly light, combined with the PTFE pads on the bottom means that the mouse simply glides across the desk surface, irrespective of whether a mouse pad was being used or not.

Plug the Burst Pro in and that understated mouse bursts into life. The Burst Pro makes use of ROCCAT’s AIMO lighting system, which itself is pretty impressive. However, the mouse will cycle through beautiful colours without needing to install any additional software. The light shows off the mouse’s mesmerising honeycomb structure, also revealing where the mouse has lost much of its weight. If you can imagine a regular solid mouse and then cutting out little hexagons to create a honeycomb structure. A thin layer of translucent plastic is then set over the top to protect the innards. The result is quite beautiful. Obviously, the light is set on the inside and is dulled slightly as a result, but there is more pure light set to the sides of the mouse wheel. With 16.8 million colour RGBA lighting, users will have plenty of options to how their mouse lights up and fits in with other ROCCAT AIMO peripherals.


Using the mouse, I have already mentioned how easily it moves, and the Owl-Eye sensor seems to work on more surfaces than most optical mice. Another big selling point for the Burst Pro are the Titan Optical Switches. Boasting twice the durability of mechanical switches, at 100 million clicks, and a faster response, these switches are a big deal. From a usage point of view, they feel nice and have a satisfying click. The wheel and side buttons are equally well made and work exactly as they should. The button beneath the mouse wheel adjusts the sensitivity of the mouse by cycling DPI options, all the way up to 16,000 DPI.

Overall, the Burst Pro mouse just oozes quality. Even the braided cable, something which is not unusual in quality mice, seems of a higher quality and refuses to get tied up with the many other cable on my desk. The cable also slides around the desk with little or no friction, so it stays out of the way for the most part. It is difficult to find anything to fault with the Burst Pro mouse, but I will give it a try. Towards the back of each mouse button, there is a small gap and ridge which will gather muck over time. I don’t really know why these gaps are there, but that is the only place I can fault this mouse.

Even the price is pleasing. While the £49.99 price tag may make some gamers eyes water, for the quality on show, it is very well priced. The light weight, the switches that will likely live forever, and all of the little quality features suggest a far more expensive mouse.


The ROCCAT Burst Pro mouse has an appealing feature set. While some gamers may look for more weight in their gaming mice, anyone looking for a top quality mouse that breezes across the desktop and features switches that will last for ages, the ROCCAT Burst Pro is highly recommended.




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