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King Of Seas Preview

Posted by GG Goblin On December - 3 - 2020

Fun on the procedurally generated high seas.

Arr! The life of a pirate is an attractive one. The thrill of exploration, quirky characters at every port, and the lure of treasure. Of course, the excitement of being outside of the authorities is also something that will appeal to many, even with the impending threat of arrest and execution. Despite this obvious appeal, pirate video games are actually few and far between. Of course, we have had the excellent pirate adventure that was Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, and the multiplayer fun that is Sea of Thieves, but otherwise there is not much else to write home about for the pirate fans. However, spotted bobbing around on the horizon and harassing cargo ships, 3DClouds’ King of Seas is an upcoming open-world pirate RPG that is due to reach the port, or launch, in early 2021 for Xbox One, PS4, Switch and Steam. GGUK have reached for their eye patch and grabbed the nearest parrot to spend some time with an early build of the game, and here is what we found.


One of the largest appeals of a pirate game, especially at this time of year, is the chance to escape the miserable weather for something far more tropical. King of Seas hits the nail on the head, being set in the Kingdom of the Seven Seas. The world is procedurally generated each time the player starts a new game, and so is always different, but the cartoonish visuals and plentiful tropical islands means that there is always a sense of warmth and happiness in the game. Even at this early point, King of Seas is a good looking game that has a nice level of charm.

Beneath the charm and general happiness though, is a tale of betrayal. Many years ago, the Kingdom of the Seven Seas banished pirates, forcing them to live and ply their trade in hiding. This is the world in which our young hero has grown up. Playing as either a Prince or Princess, it isn’t long before the King is assassinated and the player’s character is blamed. This leads to their ship being sunk and them left for dead. However, a fun pair of pirates, who really are more like the underdog rebellion in this world, save the player and take them to one of the last pirate hideouts. Here, the player is given their own little ship and encouraged to start living the pirate lifestyle, all while trying to find out what actually happened to their father.


As far as stories go, King of Seas is not too bad, at least in the early game that I tried. It does feel like it needs a little more work, perhaps a few more laughs, but it is a decent reason to head out onto the seas. As a pirate, the player will have various missions to carry out, from escorting to taking care of enemies. They can also visit the huge number of islands to make use of traders or ship repairs for example. When it comes to the trading, there is system in place where the player is able to purchase certain goods on one island and then sell them on another for profit, although it is by no means as deep as trading sim Port Royale. There is a lot of freedom to do whatever the player chooses should they wish to stray from the main story. The controls on PC take a little getting used to, but as this is only an early version of the game, and as the game will be coming to various consoles, I am sure that the controls will be worked on and made simpler before the game launches next year.

Of course, the other side of being a pirate revolves around glorious naval battles. As is often the case, this involves sailing around in circles a lot, firing the broadside cannons at the also circling enemy ship. This all works nicely in King of Seas, but extra wrinkles are added with special weapons and skills that mix things up. It is not as complex as the naval combat in the big pirate games, but still proves to be good fun, and being able to customise the ship and maybe improve with new abilities will keep players coming back for more.


It is early days yet, but King of Seas is shaping up to be something quite fun. It still needs some work, but there is plenty of time for the rough edges to be smoothed out before launch. Anyone looking for a fairly laid back pirate RPG should keep an eye on King of Seas, which is due to launch for Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC via Steam in early 2021. Pop it on your wishlist here.


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