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Eternal Hope

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 9 - 2021

Solid puzzle platforming in a pretty world.

Launching last August on Steam, Eternal Hope from Doublehit Games is a beautiful puzzle platformer that would have likely been under most gamers’ radars. However, the developer Doublehit Games have now teamed up with publisher Kwalee and as a result Eternal Hope has been relaunched. Any game that has had two launches is undeniably worth checking out.


Eternal Hope casts the player into the role of Ti’bi, a boy who falls in love and wants nothing more than to spend time with the love of his life. Life rarely works out how we want though, and before long Ti’bi’s soulmate is killed in a terrible accident. The thing is though, when Ti’bi’s love died, her soul shattered and this has caused the Keeper of Souls some problems. The Keeper of Souls cuts a deal with the distraught Ti’bi, offering to bring his love back if he can gather the shattered parts of her soul. As far as stories go, Eternal Hope pretty much pulls at the heartstrings right out of the gate.

The developers are very open about their Studio Ghibli influence with Eternal Hope, and this can obviously be seen in some of the character design. However, fans of puzzle platformers will come into this game and liken it to titles such as LIMBO or Ori and the Blind Forest. The game has that wonderful silhouette visual style where the gameplay takes place in the darkened front layer of the screen, while stunning backdrops in standout colours bring the world to life. Ti’bi has a special ability that will help him on his journey, the ability to enter the spirit world for a short time, and using this ability gives the whole scene a more washed out visual style that fits perfectly with what is going on. Overall, Eternal Hope is a very nice looking game that will no doubt please fans of its inspiration.

When it comes to the gameplay, Ti’bi’s quest is to gather the shattered parts of his love’s soul and that will involve a fair amount of simple platforming and environmental puzzle solving. Unfortunately the world has its fair share of dangerous creatures, which become far more dangerous as the game progresses, and Ti’bi has no form of attack. Instead, the player must rely on their wits and in avoiding these creatures, and even making use of them for some light puzzle solving if necessary, rather than facing them head on. The core platforming works okay without heading into “hardcore” territory, but the controls don’t feel as precise or solid as I would have liked. This doesn’t have much effect on the actual gameplay, but those more used to precise controls will have to adjust their expectations.


The puzzles are generally not too difficult as long as the player is aware of every trick they have access to. The biggest advantage that Ti’bi has is this ability to swap over to the spirit world for a short time. Along with giving a tonal shift to the visuals, it also can make some environmental features disappear, appear or change, giving the player access to the tools they need to progress. Also heading into the spirit world Ti’bi will encounter more friendly creatures that can actually help him out. One of these creatures will even join Ti’bi a short way into his adventure and offer ongoing help and information.

When the player is not jumping from the regular world to the spirit world to solve their problems, they will be jumping and swinging their way through a nice variety of different environments that are all great to look at. The player will also unlock the ability to glide slightly as they progress, giving access to further solutions. Each chapter of the game will present the player with new obstacles, keeping the player engaged throughout.

In all, Eternal Hope is a solid puzzle platformer that also happens to have a nice story and look very pretty. When it comes to issues, the game doesn’t really do anything that makes it stand out from the crowd, which is a shame. Eternal Hope is also over far too quickly. This is not necessarily a problem any more, as quality, short gaming experiences are much more desirable for gamers who also have a life to live, and Eternal Hope certainly has that quality.


So far as a relaunch goes, Eternal Hope popped up on my radar and hopefully it will pop up on the radar of other puzzle platform fans this time around. The game has a great story, lovely visuals, and solid gameplay that will make the short playtime memorable. While it may not quite measure up to the games it seems inspired by, Eternal Hope has its very own charm and is worth checking out by fans of the genre.




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