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Gods Will Fall

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 16 - 2021

Gods will fall, but so will the little warriors that the player sends to defeat them.

Published by Deep Silver, Clever Beans’ Gods Will Fall is a hack and slash dungeon crawler with a touch of rogue-like that just so happens to be more than a little bit difficult. But then, any game where the player is expected to topple gods should be hard, shouldn’t it?


Cast back to a somewhat Celtic styled time, the people of the world are ruled over by malevolent gods, and it gets to a point where the people have just had enough. Thousands of Humans board ships and take to the sea, intent on wiping out these nasty gods once and for all. Gods being gods though, they simply create a storm to wipe out the approaching army, and for the most part the storm does its job.

However, this is where the player comes in. Eight randomly generated warriors survive and are washed up on an island where doorways can lead to each individual gods’ realm. The eight come with a variety of differences, from their sizes and looks, through to speeds and abilities, giving the player a nice range of different characters to play as. They also come with weapons that vary greatly, from the long ranged spear, to the speed of twin axes, or the stopping power of a war mace.

While on the island, the player will control all of the heroes, moving them around and exploring their surroundings while deciding which god to face off against first. When the player comes across the entrance to one of the dungeons, the realms of a given god, they will have to choose one of the characters to enter the dungeon and fight their way to the god. Again, random factors will sometimes come into play, maybe making the hero more of less powerful for this one dungeon.


Inside the dungeon, the player will guide their single hero to fight the god. However, they may first have to fight a selection of lesser enemies to reach the god, none of which are too tricky but should not be underestimated as the random nature of the game may mean that the enemies change between runs, and so weak enemies last time could be much stronger this time. Reach the god and defeat them, and the hero will emerge victorious, which adds up to improvements to their overall stats, along with possibly new, more powerful weapons, or even new abilities. Dying in the dungeon though will lead to much disappointment from the other heroes left outside the dungeon, and the player will have to continue with one less hero. If another hero is sent into the dungeon and succeeds, then lost heroes will be free to join the adventure again, essentially giving the player eight attempts at each dungeon. Should all eight fall in a dungeon, then it is game over and the player will have to start again from the beginning.

This is all well and good, it’s a great system that works in the context of the game. The problem is that the player has access to all of the dungeons at once, and is free to choose in what order they attempt these dungeons. Obviously, some are more difficult than others, and the random nature can lead to what the player thought was an easy dungeon being incredibly tough. The difficulty of the dungeons are not labelled, and some players will find that frustrating. On the flip side, this does give the player more of an opportunity to make the adventure their own, choosing the route they take rather than following a scripted path. Gods Will Fall is by no means an easy game, but that is all part of the appeal.


The actual gameplay is relatively easy to understand. There is a quick, regular attack and a slow, strong attack, and each attack is also tweaked by whatever weapon the character happens to be using. The player can also jump and dodge, although timing the dodge well will lead to a parry instead. The player can also have their character pick up dropped enemy weapons, if they are actually able to use them, and even throw these weapons at an enemy, which is a great way of slowing them down. Taking damage will reduce the players’ vigour, the games’ version of health, but by dealing damage the character will gain bloodlust that can be used to give a warcry that will heal some damage and also buff the character for a time. The combat system is not very complex, but keeping things simple works well for a game when one rough dose of randomness could lead to all of the heroes dying and then the player having to start from the beginning again.

The visual style in Gods Will Fall is nice, if a little unimaginative. The heroes themselves are fairly nondescript, as too are the enemies that players will face in the dungeons. The gods, while all different from each other, don’t feel as foreboding or all-powerful as perhaps they should. Each of the dungeons has a different theme, but even then there is a lot of similarity.


There is a lot to like about Gods Will Fall, from the interesting bloodlust system, to the shipwrecked group of eight representing the players’ eight chances at each dungeon. However, it is a hardcore game and the level of difficulty will turn many players away. While the heroes get more powerful with each successfully completed dungeon, there is also so much more to lose as the player progresses. Still, players looking for a challenge that will simply get more and more tense with each passing dungeon should definitely take a look. Gods Will Fall may prove frustrating for some, but others will find a highly enjoyable experience as they topple those annoying gods.




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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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